Wednesday, 10 February 2010

new photos & lovely etsy

I have to admit to not being in my studio much what with all the self promotion malarky. It's been great fun making nice images & learning about etsy, not only as a way of selling work but also a great source of advice, support, compliments (I got a second person heart me today - hurrah :) and other people really into making & good design - some who have given up their day jobs to do it & joined the ranks of us who work even harder coz we do what we love!

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Hello World!

Well Hello world with my first ever post - Two firsts, today I listed some of my work on etsy at last hurrah! WoW I must be getting to grips with tinterweb!..... and it is snowing again up here in the hills above Hebden making everything look even more beautiful:)
I am currently taking refuge in a nice warm house sorting out nice images for the world to see tho normally I would be found grafting away at my workshop in Northlight Studios - a co-op of lovely creative folk. Jewellery is usually my thing & I love richly coloured materials, hand processes and have been experementing in plastics recycling.
As a contrast last weekend I was on a great apple tree pruning course & tonight am off to the Hebden Bridge Transition Towns meeting.....